God is in the Details

Posted by: LWTR at 5:40 pm on June 5th, 2015

Scripture Reference: 1st Thessalonians 5
I awoke to a gentle refrain from the Spirit, "Your God is a faithful God."  Amen!  As this refrain played over and over, in my mind and spirit, I began to sense strong encouragement from this truth.  As we embark on this prayer journey together Satan will attempt to 'weary' the saints.  In response to this spiritual assault, the Lord has released to us strength for this day.  We cannot be weary in our obedience to the Spirit in praying together for these 30 days.  Expect God to come today and renew your strength.  Further, expect a supernatural move of God in your daily affairs.  God is in the details of your life.  This is consistent with the nature of God.

Have you every heard something that you needed to check out?  I did as I prayed this morning. As the Apostle points out we are to test everything and hold on to whatever is true and good (1st Thessalonians 5:21).  I heard in my mind the thought: some things about God are just ordinary.  Immediately, I tried to cast this thought out of my mind, but it kept coming back.  Then I heard, the nature of God is ordinary.  Next, I heard it is just ordinary for God to be faithful.  If you are like me, be skeptical, but read on.  In researching the word ordinary there were two definitions of the word that struck me.  First was ordinary: to be commonly encountered, usual.  Second was ordinary: The usual or normal course of events (American Heritage Dictionary s.v. ordinary).  In terms of God's nature we can use the word ordinary.  When we come to God day-to-day, we can expect to find him as usual.  He is ever faithful.

The Lord challenged me to think of his provision of life, health, and strength as ordinary.  When we come to him in need he will bless us as usual, based on his ordinary nature which is faithfulness.  God is infinite, extraordinary, and transcendent.  Yet, in the midst of these truths remains the fact God can even be ordinary in a limited sense of the word.  Can you see that God wants us to believe in his continued provision as the rule of life and not the exception?  Upon these truths we have been called to P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens).  Our God is faithful and he will do what he has promised (1Thessalonians 5:24; Numbers 23:19).

Intercession Focus:  Today, we are being called to stand in the gap for healing.  The Lord laid healing as our intercessory focus on  my heart last night.  I subsequently learned that one of our members is making arrangements to be tested for Leukemia. We are not only standing in the gap for this individual, but we are called to spiritual warfare for all those the Devil is trying to oppress with sickness.  As we are in the place of humility, repentance, and turning - a place called prayer, we can expect the healing of God to sweep our lands (2nd Chronicles 7:14).


Bishop W. R. Turner