A Word From Bishop Turner

Living Word Temple of Restoration is a Christ centered community comprised of a diverse body of believers.  This multi generational, multi ethnic, multi racial, and multi cultural group seeks to embody the fullness of God’s love through Jesus Christ evidenced by lives lived in vital connection with him. As a “house of prayer for all people,” our core values include: sharing the gospel, faithfully teaching and studying the Bible, worshipping together, discipling believers, impacting the world with the ministry of restoration.

About Us

Living Word Temple of Restoration, founded in 1996, is a church family that endeavors to raise up biblically grounded persons that are responsive to God and the needs of others. To this end our church labors to spread the gospel and R.E.A.C.H out to those in need locally, nationally, and internationally. By the providence of God we believe that we have been called to restore, educate, employ, empower and promote community healing (R. E. A. C. H.) wherever we go.

Our core values center on: (1) total dependence on God - Faith; (2) sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ - Word; (3) governing our lives according to the Bible - Holiness; (3) valuing unity in diversity - Spirit; (5) faithfully engaging in the ministry of restoration - Service. These values can only be realized through God’s divine help. By resting in his ability we are then able to reach out to touch various others in need.

Variety is what we do well. In that we are a Holy Spirit empowered assembly we rely on him to guide our work in every season and in every way. Concomitantly, we are deeply committed to being a praying community.

Every step we take is dependent upon the enablement of God’s grace. In that we did not merit God’s favor ourselves we administer the same without cost to everyone else. All of the commitments outlined herein are held together by the debt we all owe – Love

Our Vision

The vision of our church is to spread the gospel and R.E.A.C.H out to those in need locally, nationally, and internationally. By the providence of God we believe that we have been called to restore, educate, employ, empower and promote community healing (R.E.A.C.H.) wherever we go.

In order to accomplish this vision we realize that we – who are wounded healers ourselves, need to be healed. As we are brought to wholeness, we may then help others in need. This begins by reaching up to God for strength, then out, down and around to others in need. By ministering to our own families first we then move to assist others in need who we encounter.

Within the next ten years it is our desire to build our 1st restoration center to be located in Rochester, NY. This center will be a “spiritual hospital” whose charge will be to assist those in need. It will minimally contain: (1) a sanctuary for the purpose of conducting religious worship services; (2) educational classrooms allowing us to educate our own children; (3) business offices to promote entrepreneurship within the body of Christ; (4) a fitness center so we may take care of our bodies; (5) a banquet area to be utilized by various churches and organizations for celebrations and/or meetings. We reject the notion that a church is simply to be utilized for service once or twice a week and remain dormant at all other times. The church in the 21st century, as in times past, is to be a spiritual, cultural, and educational center whose doors seemingly never close. Once we have successfully implemented a restoration Center in Rochester, we will take this model and implement it in other areas in this country and around the globe through God’s grace.

Fine Arts Ministry

We were created by a Master artist. If we look out into the world, we see his limitless imagination. As beings created by God we believe we can use the creative talents and abilities he has given us to worship him and to minister to this world. We encourage believers to search,find and nurture the gift God has given them in music, poetry, dance, painting and much more. Our goal is to reach our full potential in Christ.


S.A.L.T (Senior Adults Living Triumphantly) A ministry meeting the needs of senior adults by providing an opportunity for Seniors to contribute to the body by serving other Seniors in the community.

ROOTS of Unity

ROOTS of Unity is a ministry we started that focuses on unifying the body of Christ so that God can move. In 1 Corinthians 12 it talks about the church as being a unified body, without the differences of the body it's not possible to function properly. We want to work past all the schisms of race, denomination, age, culture and style in order to bring about the greater purposes of Christ through a night of worship. To find out more information or upcoming dates you can look for us on Facebook or check out our calendar for the next event.

Health and Fitness Ministry / Jr. Church

The mission of the Health and Fitness Ministry is to educate, promote, and practice healthy living principles to ensure we are caring for our over well being. Bible-oriented activities are often provided for preschool and elementary-age children. At this level, young children are taught to sing, pray, memorize Scripture and learn important Bible truths. They are instructed and led in worship at their own levels.